Games I like. Part One.

Since I plan to work in the game industry, I thought it would be wise to actually write something about games.
So as basic as it comes here are some games I like and why.

Grand Theft Auto IV

A fantastic game with a compelling story, great characters, smart satire and hell of a technical marvel which is Liberty City, no other game has such a brilliantly created city.
The gameplay is well crafted aswell sturdy shooting and realistic but not difficult driving.

It’s recent episodic updates are also exceptional, the Ballad of Gay Tony changes the game to large degree and yet only changes focus of the player, its perfect example of how expansion packs should be done.

Heavy Rain
An excellent step in the right direction for games, something which is a thriller and doesn’t rely on shooting to get through it.
It has its flaws but they balance out in the emotional investment that I put into it, it also surprised me I was ready to be disappointed but it proved to be very good.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

For all of the games I do like, I am still a big fan of racing games and Midnight Club has been a favourite of mine since the 3rd one.
This one is different but is still great with its superb driving physics just a shame about the awful characters (which I’m not sure aren’t jokes) and the slightly soulless city.

More to come!


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