I’m a Professional dammit!

So in recent times I’ve been doing lots of filming and writing.

weirdly I have some sort of awkwardness about filming or writing anything we’re people are getting it on, kissing or doing pretty much anything along those lines.

For example when filming the music video Girls (You know this one). With it being an out of control party”, the kind of party we would all like to say we’ve gone to but never did, involves filming people kissing, girls kissing each other, people getting on a bath and girl’s pillow fighting.
Pretty much this kind of situation.
Now really, I don’t have a huge problem with anyone doing any of the above (I’ve been known to encourage one or two of them), but for some reason when it came to filming them I felt really awkward, especially standing alongside my friend (she’s just going to be known as failsland for now). Now showing this video to my parent’s was just as awkward as I didn’t really want to face the question of “So you were filming the part where the girls are to tear each other’s clothes off then?”

I didn’t look at them at all! I swear!

Just as bad in the edit suite really when you’ve got it on a massive video screen which kind of looks like you’re watching porn.
Even worse really is when I find it difficult to write things into scripts like people kissing or doing anything romantic in the slightest, because then I get the impression people are going to be like ‘Oh, so this is just you and your fantasies then eh?”. Won’t be so bad if I’m doing this as work (like a job work), but at the moment only my friend’s and family read my scripts, so whatever I write reflects on me. I’m just fine with writing about people getting cut up by hitmen, but someone kissing?! Good God no.
In one of my last scripts I barely managed to fit a romantic plot line into it and it couldn’t have been more of a wuss attempted if I tried:
I’m mature dammit.

It’s a bit odd that I can’t write these without acting like a child who’s gotten kissed on the cheek by a girl. Running away, giggling, stuffing chocolate into my face and then wondering who will judge me.
That’s me on the right and my script on the left.

He also feels awkward about dancing in a club when there’s no girls in the group.


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