Off into X3: Part One

So as previously mentioned I got hold of X3 and now it’s installed I got stuck in.

My first minutes with X3 weren't great.

Sadly I started off with setting up to high of a resolution and had a nice blue screen, so had to restart the computer.

A few minutes later I started it up again and was presented with a odd looking woman talking about ‘Ka’aah’

I hope she doesn't turn up too much.

After the background on what’s going on and how I’m the son of a hero pliot I set up for a new game.

So many ugly choices.

I picked normal but I do quite like the idea that you could start again without having to go through the tutorials again before you can get going again and doubly so that you can create your own gameplay situation without having experience in modding. It’d be handy in some other adventure/rpgs like fallout for example where you could go and do the various side missions and not have to do the liam neeson, baby walking, bb gun shooting opening (even though it’s awesome it would be nice to have the option).

So thrown into the world of X like thus:

First thoughts were ‘Holy crap there’s a lot of hud’ info about your ship, your guns, the ship you’re looking at, the 3d map, the location of other various vessels in the area. It intimdated me a bit.

After a brief tutorial and brief as in I didn’t know any of the buttons by the end of it, I was instructed to go through the jumpgate and meet up with rookie pliots waiting to go on patrol. After nearly crashing into the jumpgate by not knowing the brake button I gallantly step out into the main galaxy to hear ‘Incoming Message’ and no way of knowing how to open the message. flicking the control numerous times I disovered you have to open one of the many menus to then click on the message log with a nice addition to add your own personal logs.

I thought I'd keep in character for the logs.

So after venturing through menus and docking, I decided to try and find this squad which proved to be a bit difficult.

I can't stop being slightly on my side!

At which point I flew sideways for many minutesĀ  because I didn’t know how to barrel roll. Flying around the section did help me get to grips with the controls and listening the music which seems appropirate but I don’t like it very much.

When I did find the sqaud and began flying behind them and began the patrol, one of the rookies began questioning about why the safety’s where on and the squad responded with ‘You question the fleet.” “You love you fleet don’t?!” in the kind of tone of voice that you might hear on the in the same sentence as ‘What you do want to do the fleet you dirty girl?”.

A Kha’aak squad appeared and the combat was fun nicely wooshing around and lasers everywhere, certainly perked up my interest. After the fight I was turning around to go to the next jumpgate when I clipped one of the squad ships and then we both blew up. Shit, “Game Over” back to main menu.

I reloaded it and had to do the fight again but headed to the jump gate again and was presented with my desktop. I think I need some tech support.

Part Two coming soon!


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