Off Into X3: Part Two

After spending about a month not playing X3 due to some stupidly simple problem and some tech support which they (and I) failed to think of ‘reinstall’ up until now, I’m back in it and ready to go.

Wait, what was I doing.

X3 Craz

Craz? The hell?

Oh yeah, on patrol with some gamma squadron.

So he tells use to scan for Khaak and head for the south gate, with no information on how to scan for something, maybe you don’t scan at all but it all seemed a bit irrelevant as I interrupted a pilot asking me about my dark past to tell the gamma leader what a good job he’s doing. Oh dear.

A cutscene introducing some more Khaak ships appears where some of the squad blows up.


Aw damn, now who am I going to follow?

Some fun combat and polite thanks from a robot government later…

The creepy politeness seems out-of-place at the time.

I go through another jump gate (without me or the game crashing) and told to go where I like, I see a big rotating ship in front, so I’ll head there.


Is that the guy from lord of the ring?

A man from x2 which I played a brief five minutes of while x3 was broke turns up to apparently ask another favour of me. He talks a bit odd frankly.

So I ignore him and continue heading for the ship.

and docking with this ship is all kinds of awesome.

Suddenly x3 is pretty cool.

You have to fly under the rotating space station and fly into a tiny hole within its complex insides, which in fact took me a little while as I bounced around the interior but got there in the end.

Now seems like a good time to trade and good lord. I have no idea what to buy and why to buy it.


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